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20 October 2011

A Glimpse of Literacy

Literacy has been busy! Some students are finishing their biographies (these published pieces will be coming home soon), while most students have started fictional stories. Students are looking into fiction through developing characters and setting and making their own comic books.
Konnar is publishing his biography on Jeff Kinney
Mathew made a plan for his fictional story with a character and setting
Independent reading

We value the importance of talk in our classroom and giving our students many opportunities to talk about books. Today Miss Maerissa and Mrs. Watson took their group and read the book "Voices in the Park" by Anthony Browne. The first time we read it they couldn't see the pictures and students worked on creating a graffiti board...
A grafiti board gives students an opportuntiy to draw or write what they are thinking.
Then we took time to look at each others thoughts and had a discussion. After this we took time to read the book while looking at the illustrations and our discussion changed! Students were looking at the meaning of the pictures and listening to others thoughts.

Ask your child what they are working on during literacy-we are seeing amazing work!

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