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If families need to contact Michelle, Elizabeth, Lindsey, or Brigid and Tiffany please use the following email.

29 January 2010

The Multiage Living Museum

On Friday, February 5th the students will host a living museum about Missouri history! It will begin at 1:30 p.m. and end at 2:30 p.m. Please bring friends and family and learn about our state! The sun room will be open for parents to enjoy coffee, cookies, and conversations while the children clean up and finish their day. We will also display our posters from the October family meeting highlighting our curriculum. A teacher will be available for any questions.


We completed our genre study of storytelling! Every student wrote a piece that will be compiled into a class book. Please look for the final product next week!

28 January 2010


Mrs. Watson: We focused on subtraction by playing Bingo, Challenge, and Snap It. I will be sending home activities to help your child in this area. Here is the website we used this week when working on the computers: Funschool.kaboose.com

Miss Watkins: We focused on counting and grouping through a student-led investigation into how many beans a large container held. The students each filled a bowl with beans and counted. We explored counting by twos and organizing the beans into groups of ten.

Miss Riley: We focused on rhythm patterns that students created by making their own symbols that match a movement. Then student's wrote their symbols on the board while the class acted out the patterns. The last part of the week we moved into graphs. We discussed different ways to graph, survey questions, and questions to analyze our graphs. We talked about how important analyzing questions are to understanding graphs. Next week, we will be working on word problems.

Mrs. Johnson: We spent this week wrapping up our study on fractions, decimals, and percents. Students worked on clock fractions and well use using fractions in music. The students wrote their own rhythms and songs utilizing whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and sixteenth notes. Ask your student to play their songs for you! Next week, we will begin a study in statistics and data collection.

This week in spelling

Mrs. Watson: Re-visited the "long A" sound
Miss Watkins: Played a game called Spelling Baseball to practice blends and digraph sounds. They then took a quiz on these patterns
Mrs. Johnson: Worked with the "ch" and "sh" sound
Miss Riley: Took a spelling quiz and worked with rhyming words

Math and Literacy Groups

Are you always wondering which teacher your child is with in our different content area of study? Please keep in mind these change often, so frequently check these lists.

Mrs. Watson: Isabel, Alec, Ben, Jacob, Molly, Aubrielle, Nicole, Manny, Alex, William
Miss Watkins: Colin M., Jeanne, Lexi, Will, Natalie, Konnar, Thomas Sc., Marvin
Miss Riley: Lilly, Chase, Thomas Sa., Rachel G, Samantha, Collin R., Ethan Y., Olivia, Paris
Mrs. Johnson: Lillian, Kaitlynn, Jackson, Jack, Miles, Ethan M., Savannah, Rachel E., Joey

Mrs. Watson: Jackson, Ethan Y., Ethan M., Rachel E., Lillian, Will, Chase, Konnar, Miles
Miss Watkins: Olivia, Samantha, Jack St., Collin R., Paris, Lilly, Kaitlyn, Rachel G., Thomas Sa.
Miss Riley: Marvin, Joey, Jeanne, Thomas Sc., Natalie, Savannah, Colin M., Manny, Lexi, Nicole
Mrs. Johnson: Isabel, Aubrielle, Alex, Jacob, Alec, Ben, William, Molly

Meet Katie Watkins

I have called Columbia home for five years now. I received my undergraduate degree from Stephens College in May, and will finish up my graduate work this June. I really enjoy trying new recipes and spending time outdoors with my black lab, Duke. I am also excited to announce my recent engagement! My fiance Morgan and I are planning a Spring 2011 wedding.

Meet Lindsey Riley

I am a native of Columbia, MO and came to Stephens to receive my undergraduate and graduate degrees. This is my third year teaching in the Multiage classroom. When I'm not at school I am planning my upcoming wedding this May with my fiance Ryan. Other things I enjoy are running, reading, baking, and spending time with my dog Cody.

Meet Elizabeth Watson

I have been a teacher in the multiage classroom for the past 7 years. I traveled from Minnesota to Columbia in 1999 to do my undergrade at Stephens College. After graduation I began teaching in this classroom and began working on my Masters degree at the University of Missouri with a degree in Curriculum and Instruction. During the past 7 years of teaching I have married my husband and now just welcomed our baby girl Avery Elizabeth!

13 January 2010

Meet Rachel Johnson

A native from Colorado Springs, CO, I moved to Columbia, MO 10 years ago to get my degree in elementary education from Stephens College. I graduated in 2004 and worked at SCCS in the multiage classroom for several years. I also worked for 2 years as the Director of Crossing Kids at The Crossing. This year I am back at Stephens working on my Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and teaching in multiage. I have a wonderful husband, Scott, and a cat we rescued 2 years ago named Zoe. When I am not at school, I love to spend time cooking, running on the Katy Trail, and watching movies with Scott.