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30 August 2011

Weather with Ms. Flynn

Nicole, Manny, Reece, Molly, Alex, Alec and Ben are working with Ms. Flynn for science. We have been looking at different climates. The students created a weather vocabulary wall that included words that explained what causes changes in the weather. An example of the words we talked about were cold front and the equator. We are now beginning to make climate brochures! Each student chose a country to reseach about. They will be talking about their country's climate, what causes the weather, and what clothing should be worn there if taking a trip during a certain time of year.

Geometry with Ms. Flynn

Holly, Natalie, Kedzie, Will, Ethan, Savannah, Thomas, Jeanne, Nicole, Manny, Reece, Molly, Alex, Alex, and Ben have been working with Ms. Flynn for math. Monday we talked about lines of symmetry. Students explored different letters of the alphabet with mirrors to find lines of symmetry. Tuesday we talked about straight and curved lines. Students used a venn diagramm to classify all the letters of the alphabet into straight lines, curved lines, or both. Later this week we are moving into 3D shapes, area, and perimeter. Review with your child(ren) different types of 3D shapes and characteristics of shapes.

A Fun Family Activity with Clouds

Going along with our weather theme, families could go outside and observe the clouds. We have been talking about the different types of clouds and what types of weather they predict. When you are observing the clouds together, ask your child(ren) about what they are seeing!

Non-Fiction Genre Study in Literacy

Families! We are excited to begin our journey into this new genre study. Students have been immersed in reading and discussing books about Non-Fiction. Soon students will begin writing their own non-fiction piece. Feel free to have discussions with your child(ren) about topics, reading books, and exploring new ways to share information.
Also, if you come across current even articles at home we would love for your child to bring them in to share with the class!

Geometry with Mrs. Clifton and Mrs. Watson

Robin, Lindy, Timothy, Nadia, Sean, Maggie, Eric, Rebekah, Lilly, Olivia, Rachel G., Konnar, Jackson, Chase, Brandon, Katie, and Rachel E have been working with Mrs. Clifton and Mrs. Watson for math. Monday and Tuesday students worked on their spatial reasoning. Students worked with partners to build, hide and ask questions to determine the placement of their blocks. Students compared this activity to being blind folded. They realized they had to ask specific questions to determine exactly where the blocks were placed. Students also worked with mirrors and alphabet shapes to explore lines of symmetery.

Both of these activities are great to do at home with household items.

25 August 2011

Geometry Shape Hunt

Students worked in multiage groups to wander around the classroom to find a variety of shapes. When they found the shape they had to draw it and describe where they found it.
Could you find a heart, cone, and oval in our classroom if you tried?

Science Experiment and the Water Cycle

Mrs. Clifton asked students to predict in their Inquiry Notebooks what do you think will happen when you melt an ice cube over boiling water?
Then we made our observations. Students noticed that when the water boiled their was steam. We discussed that this was water vapor. When a liquid changes to a gas this process is called evaporation. Once the ice was in the pan above the water vapor students began to observe water condensing to form droplets on the outside of the pan. This is condensation. When the droplets were too big on the outside of the pan, they began to drop creating precipitation.

Finally, students applied what they learned by creating their own murals of the water cycle. Please come in to observe their work!

Wind and Rotation of the Earth

Here Mrs. Watson is showing the class how the sun rays shine on Earth. Students discovered the sun shines on the equator making that air warmer than in the far north and south parts of the Earth.

Then we discussed how the Earth rotates. We showed an example of how the Earth rotating creates wind and air movement. By using water and food coloring the children were able to see that without any wind flow, the air stays in one place. See below how the food coloring stays in one place. But when you swirl the food coloring the air is able to move all around. This is called the Coriolus effect. The hot air rises-or moves away from the equator to the poles where it is cooled. Then moves back to the equator to be heated again.

Weather Inquiry with Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Clifton

Students who are ages 6, 7, and 8 are working with Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Clifton for weather. We began our weather study by learning about the five layers of the atmosphere. Each group was assigned a layer in the atmosphere to discover its specific characteristics. Then, each group shared what they learned in front of the whole group.
(Thomas, Maggie, Lindy, and Kedzie) (Katie, Lilly, Jackson, and Robin)
A model of the atmosphere can be found in the classroom up a wall with each layer.

23 August 2011


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Back to School Picnic

Back To School Picnic
Sponsored by SCCS Parents’ Association

Saturday, August 27th
4:00 pm-6:00 pm
(Rain Date: September 17th)
On the Playground

The whole family is invited as we welcome back our old families and meet our new ones. We’ll provide pulled pork, chicken & hot dogs, chips, paper ware, utensils, water & lemonade.

Bring a side dish or dessert to share
(Last name A-L bring a side; M-Z bring a dessert)

You may also want your own beverages* if you don’t want water/lemonade (*this is an alcohol-free event), & blankets/chairs for sitting.

22 August 2011

New to 2011-2012

In hopes of creating easy communication between families and teachers we have created an Elementary email. This can be used for all communication from families to teachers and teachers to families.

The email is SCCSElementary@gmail.com

Welcome Back SCCS Students and Families!

We are excited to start another fun and exciting year here at SCCS Elementary. We have many fun activities planned for this upcoming school year. Our first activity we have planned is to decorate a t-shirt to be used a smock during messy art activities. Please send a used or new shirt from home for Tuesday, August 23 to be tie-died.

Our first genre study in Literacy is Non-Fiction. A perfect study after returning from summer break!

Experiments and guest speakers are just the beginning to start off our inquiry of Weather!