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19 October 2011

Field Trip

Dear Elementary Families,

We are planning a field trip to Rock Bridge State Park on Thursday, October 27th. This trip will give students an opportunity to apply their knowledge about geography and science. During our time at the park students will—explore the landforms, use directional tools, examine the wild life and its habitats, and participate in community building activities.

Our upper level college students are in charge of planning this field trip as well as leading your students in a variety of activities. Although we will have ample supervision at the park, we would appreciate your help with the following:
• Send a cold lunch clearly labeled with your child’s name. Also, send water bottles for the trip as we plan to be walking/hiking.
• Have your child dress in layers to accommodate for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. If you would like your child to wear sunscreen or insect repellent, apply it before you send them to school.
• Return the attached permission slip no later than Monday, October 24th.

The bus will leave our building at approximately 9:00 a.m. and we will return about 2:00 p.m.
If you need to need to contact your student during the time we are on the field trip, please use either of the following cell phone numbers: Lindsey Clifton, 573.999.7363 or Brigid Flynn, 815.557.0745.

Thank you for your assistance. We are looking forward to both learning and having a great time at Rock Bridge State Park on Thursday, October 27th.


The Elementary Team and the Stephens College Education Department

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